Saturday, April 29, 2017

dvr in dubai

 Tektronix  provide Security systems are getting widely accepted among industries as part of their surveillance tightening.
The management of surveillance videos is crucial in the CCTV security systems. You might have come across the terms
DVR and NVR in association with the security systems. cctv solution in dubai,cctv in dubai,cctv dvr in dubai ,cctv dvr in sharjah, cctv in ajman, What are they really? Digital Video Recorder (DVR) and Network
video recorder (NVR) are two recording systems, what you use to view and manage the surveillance videos. Available with
varied software and hard drive sizes, both the DVR and NVR allows the flexibility of reviewing the videos as well. They are
the backbones of any surveillance systems. cctv in dubai ,dvr in dubai ,dvr in sharjah,
 NVR is used to record the IP cameras whereas DVR is used to record the analog cameras and cctv cameras for bus .
DVR is the most economical solution for those who have the security systems with the Analog cameras. DVR facilitates the user to convert the analog Video signal to digital this allowing for the remote monitoringand greater storage. DVR makes a lot of sense for those not yet ready to accept the IP surveillance system. Nevertheless, with the conversion to digital images or signals, DVR opens up the choice of viewing and managing the videos in a much-refined way.
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