Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Mobile video Recording

school bus camera systems capture video and audio of exactly what’s happening on the bus and let drivers keep their eyes on the road. Identify bullying, vandalism, student discipline problems,
 and driver safety issues and get the evidence you need to resolve problems quickly and easily.

   1. High-resolution digital video recording
 2.   Playback software with privacy blurring
  3.  Automatic video downloading via WiFi
  4.  Video synchronized with telematics data

MDVR is a digital video recording system and with embedded 3G & 4G module, system serves online connection support from anywhere and anytime.
 MDVR is a very high-tech and a rare complete system that includes GPS tracking, 3G connection & 4G Connetion and Survelliance Camera connections
Mobile Video surveillance with tracking capabilities for School buses, Public Transportation, Taxis, Heavy duty Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Police cars, Ambulance, Fire Department, Heavy machinery, Vans, Mini Vans.
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